Victoria Wagner, Founder & CEO BeyondGenderAgenda


Tell us a bit about how you reacted to the corona situation with your business?

As BeyondGenderAgenda is a digital initiative, our daily business has not changed much, despite having canceled all our physical meetings. After a short break to give space to the topic of health, we are back now and even more committed to putting diversity, inclusion, and equal chances on the agenda of our economy, society, and policy to recover from the Corona pandemic as soon as possible.

What was driving the decision to act this way?

Especially in uncertain times, people tend to rely on well-proven solutions and are afraid to take risks. That is why we are now starting out even louder to prevent setbacks, away from diversity, and towards sole male power structures. Now it is time to set the ground for a prosperous future.

How did the process of getting the decision differ from business as usual?

The corona pandemic has confronted us with an entirely new situation. Suddenly, people focus only on the topic of health, while other issues like diversity and inclusion or climate change seem to disappear from everyone’s agenda. Thus, we had to find a different approach to reach the public with our topic, like e.g. short and attention-grabbing videos like our new wake-up call.

What do you personally learn from this experience?

The world can change overnight and you should be able to react rapidly and adapt your business strategy in real-time.

What is your message to business leaders that are struggling at the moment?

Not to give up or complain, but to focus on the future. I advise my clients to accept the crisis as a chance to rethink their recent business model and organization. Implementing diversity at the core of a company will speed up the necessary transformation and help answer the challenges of tomorrow.

Whom should we interview next?

Claudia Oeking, Managing Director, Philip Morris would be a nice choice, since she is a leader by example, while the company is undergoing the biggest transformation in their history.

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