Dr. med. Shari Langemak, CEO at Relearnlabs GmbH


Tell us a little about how you and your company reacted to the corona situation?
Our team has already been working for months on a telemedicine solution specifically tailored to the needs of therapists, which we planned to release mid-May. Due to COVID-19 however, we saw therapists and patients alike struggling with the new normal. While patients were missing out on crucially needed therapy, speech therapists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists started looking for other options to keep their business running. That's when we decided to drop our plans and release our telemedicine platform ALVE asap. In the end, we managed to launch 6 weeks earlier than planned!

What was driving the decision to act this way?
While we've already seen the need for telemedicine solutions for therapists before, this need obviously reached a whole new level of urgency. Of course, we were facing a big opportunity to prove that teletherapy has great potential to ensure the treatment of patients in need - during and beyond the pandemic. But besides the business opportunity, our team also wanted to contribute to possible solutions in these turbulent times. This is also why we made our product completely free of charge for the first weeks.

To what extent did the decision-making process differ from "business as usual"?
We had to get out of our comfort zone, as we didn't get the time we would have liked to test the platform's features and prepare and give the Go for our launch. Everything else was as usual - except, of course, working fully virtually, even in our hiring process. 

What do you personally learn from this experience?
Everything is easier when your business model and your company's purpose are fully in sync.

What is your message to business leaders who are experiencing difficulties at the moment?
Fast decision making and pivoting is the only way forward. I hope that many businesses are able to make this shift. 

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