Lukas Pulkert, von Jungfeld


Tell us a bit about how you reacted to the corona situation with your business?

Corona hit us very hard as a premium fashion label, no income from retail, no income from our end customers, and we had to send our team into short-time work to deal with the situation. From the feeling of paralysis then arose the cooperation with BeWooden, a German Czech manufacturer, to deprioritize the production of our own products but produce the now much-needed cotton mouth-nose masks. People can cover themselves and the professional masks stay with the medical professionals only.

Besides selling masks, we also donate solidary masks to people in need and organizations. Anybody who orders a mask can donate one to a person who can’t afford one.

The mouth-nose masks were the solution to the crisis, we, the founders of the label and the whole von Jungfeld team are back in our full-time jobs to put our masks out there and to do our part.

What was driving the decision to act this way?

It was the feeling of paralysis that this crisis provoked. We could see how customers cancelled their orders, people wouldn’t order von Jungfeld socks and fear arose. But we felt inspired by entrepreneurs around us who see this crisis as a chance and that is why we used our contacts in the textile industry and made a chance out of Corona.

To what extent did the decision-making process differ from "business as usual"?

We had to act so quickly and between the idea and the official announcement we had only a few days to organize us, the team, the communication and not least of all the production of our masks. It was challenging, but as a start-up we are used to it. We are flexible and ready.

What do you personally learn from this experience?

Never give up, be there for your business and even if an idea sounds crazy, something good can come out of it. We are busy, healthy and will get out of this crisis without major issues. It is a very good feeling to know what we are capable of in case of crisis.

What is your message to business leaders that are struggling at the moment?

Don’t bury your head in the sand, listen to your intuition, search and find creative solutions for your business and you come out of this crisis with your head held high.

Who went out of their way in the current corona situation that we should interview next, and why?
Of course our beloved friends from BeWooden :)

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