Lina Ries, Co-Founder atodo & doctodo


Tell us a bit about how you reacted to the corona situation with your business?
Normally, we offer a management software solution for the hospitality industry to increase its utilization. Due to the shutdown, we have lost our customers. So we decided to adapt our solution to medical practices. Patients can register online in the digital waiting room and receive a reminder when it is time to come to their appointment. The patients can decide how and when they want to wait.

What was driving the decision to act this way?
The core of our product is a digital waiting list, which enables restaurant operators to manage spontaneously arriving guests and keep them in their restaurant. From the very beginning, we were sure that there would be queues in various places such as doctors' offices. We were able to quickly adapt our waiting list to our new target group. However, it was not planned that this would happen so early this year.

To what extent did the decision-making process differ from "business as usual"?
We have learned to take decisions faster and to reject and rethink them even faster.

What do you personally learn from this experience?
It always turns out differently than planned and sometimes it is important to take a risk. We did not expect to achieve so much positive with the idea of the digital waiting room, but we are very happy about it.

What is your message to business leaders that are struggling at the moment?
We are very aware that established companies cannot change their target group or product overnight. Nevertheless, it is important to learn from this experience and use the time and effort to improve things after shutdown.

Who went out of their way in the current corona situation that we should interview next, and why?
Philipp Raasch - Co-Founder & CEO of Horyzn 

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