Farina Schurzfeld, Founder & CMO Selfapy


Tell us a little about how you and your company reacted to the corona situation?

As a player in the digital health space, we saw a great opportunity in this crisis to offer support and showcase our program. 

We opened a free Facebook group to give people an opportunity to talk amongst themselves about their feelings (moderated by one of our psychologists). We also developed a free corona program to support people mentally in this situation. 

I personally am not so affected by the situation. I still visit 2,3 close friends, I work from the office (alone), I exercise in the morning in the park and so far I am enjoying the canceled meetings and gain in free time. Except for the intensity of all these video calls, I am struggling with at times. 

What was driving the decision to act this way?

A feeling for social responsibility paired with the opportunity that our online therapy program offers during those special times. 

How did the decision-making process differ from "business as usual"?

We were quicker than usual given the pressing circumstances and developed the therapy program in less than 2 weeks, which normally would take us months. 

What do you personally learn from this experience?

Learn to prioritize (projects internally and externally), but also take time in this home office situation to take breaks and unwind. All those video calls can be quite exhausting at times.

I personally enjoy this opportunity to take things a little slower than usual, I cook more at home, I work out in the park and I still see some of my close friends. So all in all, this situation is not too tough for me. 

A crisis often is a lever for triggering change, as difficult situations and emotions help us to reflect on our automatisms and thus reveal alternative behavior/options. 

What is your message to business leaders who are experiencing difficulties at the moment?

This situation is difficult also because of the political regulations that define our degree of freedom, at least for a certain amount of time.

Let's take this situation with a degree of thankfulness to see how privileged we usually are in this western world and let's be open on how this situation affects us, our teams, and loved ones. 

I do a check-in with my team every morning to see how they feel and to offer support, but also let them support each other which I believe is a great way to foster those relationships. 

Let's take this situation as an opportunity to move closer together. 

Who should we interview next?

I suggest Finn Age Hänsel from Vaay.

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