Cristian Pascual, Co-Founder Mediktor


Tell us a bit about how you reacted to the corona situation with your business?

In Mediktor, since the launch of our first MVP in 2014, we have been assessing symptoms to make a preliminary diagnosis based on AI. At the beginning of January 2020, we started to follow the development of the coronavirus in China. In February, our medical team added the disease Covid19 to our disease directory. Since we introduced our Covid19 assessment and differential diagnosis, we have had a great response from our customers and the market in general. Not only can we determine if your symptoms are related to COVID, but we can also make a list of other possible conditions you may be suffering from. Our assessment is useful not only in this first wave but will be also in the following ones, where the COVID may be mixed with many other diseases. In addition, we can distinguish between severe and mild possible cases, so that we can always treat patients at the right level of care. We offer this solution as Software-as-a-Service, white-labeled and linked to the local protocols of our customers.

What was driving the decision to act this way?

Our system manages the most prevalent 800 diseases you can find in a primary care visit, so including the COVID was a natural evolution of our solution when this disease spread. In addition Oscar, the Co-founder of the company is an Intensive Care physician. So he could early confirm the complicated situation we were facing and that a solution like our COVID Assessment could provide first advice to a lot of people feeling symptoms and not knowing what to do next.

To what extent did the decision-making process differ from "business as usual"?

In our case, it was a very common decision. We are constantly adding new diseases to our system. The only other approach was to create a special shortcut to start evaluation by asking patients directly about the symptoms related to the COVID, rather than asking what general symptoms they are suffering from.

What do you personally learn from this experience?

We live in a very extraordinary time. We have seen a 20-fold increase in the number of visits to our system. There is a huge increase in the use of telemedicine and this will continue after the crisis. We are seeing a development in the last months that would have taken years under pre-corona circumstances.

What is your message to business leaders that are struggling at the moment?

Whenever there is a major challenge, there are opportunities to move forward. In the coming months, some industries will change rapidly and everyone will have to adapt to this new reality. This is a great moment to introduce technologies that will make the industry more efficient.

Who went out of their way in the current corona situation that we should interview next, and why?

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