About us

The world has been hit by a virus that is going to change nearly everyone's life on this planet. People are dying. Hundreds and thousands. Everyday. Mankind locks itself away and uncertainty is omnipresent on all levels. While we all feel fear and pain, there is hope. Not only on the health side of things. Also on the entrepreneurial and business side. We (virtually) meet and speak with inspiring business leaders who take risks and make brave decisions. We want to share their stories and learnings to spread hope and inspiration. Enjoy reading.

Who are we? We are Martin, Thorsten, Tilman, and Sebastian. A bunch of people from Axel Springer hy - a Berlin-based consultancy, majority-owned by Axel Springer, Europes leading digital publishing house. But Corona Ventures is not about us, it’s about those outstanding people mentioned above. We are proud of you. If you want to support or partner with corona-ventures or if you want to suggest an inspiring business leader for our next interview - please don’t hesitate to contact us directly: martin@corona-ventures.com, thorsten@corona-ventures.com, tilman@corona-ventures.com, sebastian@corona-ventures.com